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After nearly ten years with Mailchimp, I’m shifting this newsletter over to my Patreon page. My work as a counselor/healer and as an artist are blending more and more, so I’m bringing them together on my Patreon page. I will publish 1 more newsletter here before making the change so that as many of you as possible are aware of the change. To get a sense of my Patreon page, go to

If you want to continue receiving my newsletters, you need to join my Patreon page. It will cost you one US dollar per month, but you will get more value. You’ll be able to ask questions about the articles and videos I post there, request articles or videos about specific topics, and share your thoughts and ideas. I will continue to write about relationships and healing, with practical tips and tools for building successful relationships. Some of the topics of my upcoming articles and videos include

  • Increasing your capacity for love
  • Why self-responsibility is so important and so difficult
  • Increasing your capacity for aloneness (and why that’s important for relationships)
  • The stages of a healing journey
  • My personal journey of healing my broken heart
  • The links between physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing
  • My recipe for healthy-ish and delicious chocolate, cardamon mousse        (why not?)

I will continue recommending talks and articles about relationships and healing, but I will also share art that is related to healing and healing that is related to art. Further, I will share my poems and songs that are inspired by the healing work I do for myself and with others and by the experiences I’ve had on the trail of love.

The beauty of Patreon is that you can leave whenever you want, which means that for $1 US you can try out my Patreon page for a month and then leave or continue for another month, and so on. There are a few simple steps to signing up, but there will be NO attempt to sell you something more once you’re there. There are higher tiers of support with extra benefits that you can choose, but there will be no attempts to sell you on those tiers. I don’t believe in pressuring people to make choices. I believe in expressing my needs, giving all the necessary information, and then inviting people to make the choice that feels right for them.

I would be thrilled to have you join me on my Patreon page as I love sharing my art and the various things that I believe make a meaningful difference for people. Also, the financial support will allow me to create more art and volunteer more of my time here at the community farm where I live. Please let me know you have any questions.

Though I have written articles about healing and relationships and shared art related to healing on my Patreon page, I have thus far focussed more on my art. With this change, the focus will be more about healing and art related to healing. I hope you will join me for this next phase of my Patreon page and help me build an online community around healing and art.

Tips for Regulating Strong Emotions

When strong emotions are activated, they strain your nervous system if they are not regulated. Think of the transmission of a car when the speed is too fast for the gear it’s in and you’ve got an apt analogy. Regulating emotions doesn’t mean cutting off from them. That would be analogous to autopilot. Autopilot might handy for external… Continue Reading

The OA: An Allegory of Healing Trauma

I try to stay away from Netflix series because I don’t want to get hooked into them. An ongoing goal of mine is less screen time and more creative time. But Netflix is so darn comforting and understanding when the creative juices aren’t flowing. So when a series titled The OA was recommended to me… Continue Reading

What Does it Take to Heal Our Deepest Wounds?

Thanks to modern technology and a great deal of research, we know more and more about what it takes to heal our deepest wounds. We know that the quality of the relationship between the therapist and the client matters. We know that we can’t analyze or talk our way through our trauma; we need to feel… Continue Reading

Making the Most of Nonviolent Communication

In April I had one of the best birthday parties of my life thanks, in part, to two of my favourite features of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), getting deeply connected to my needs and making specific requests to meet those needs. As my birthday approached, I considered my options. For several years now I’ve had a… Continue Reading

A Healing Work of Art

You likely won’t be surprised that many of my close friends are therapists. What might be surprising for you is how we sometimes spontaneously do our healing work in the middle of a visit, and not always in the most private of places. Case in point, the following account of a hike with my friend… Continue Reading

Don’t Just Feel Your Emotions

Isn’t it astounding that feeling emotions is so fundamental and essential to our humanity and well being and yet few of us were taught how to feel? Few of us were guided to notice the sensations in our bodies related to our emotions. Not many of us were shown how to use our breath to free our emotions and help them… Continue Reading

When the Fetus Feels Fear

As an NVC Trainer and practitioner, I’ve explored many alternative models of healing that complement and deepen my NVC practice. Not long ago I was a participant in an Ayahuasca ceremony and asked the consciousness of Ayahuasca to teach me more about the fear I carry from my past.  During a pre-ceremony preparation session, one… Continue Reading

The Wounded Butterfly: An Ongoing Transformation

This article is written with They, Their, Them pronouns out of respect for those who don’t identify with a particular gender. With a supportive enough environment, children become adults who can create lives of their own. They find a career, a home, and manage their responsibilities. No matter how successful someone becomes at creating such… Continue Reading

Get to Know Your False Ego and Take Back Your Life

Try this experiment: Choose your top three distractions, the things you turn to for comfort and entertainment but don’t feed your soul – social media, TV/movies, comfort food, alcohol, extra hours at work, shopping, etc. – give them up for a month, and replace them with activities that truly feed your soul and let you… Continue Reading