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An email from a reader.

Hey Eric,

I’m filled with so much joy and gratitude this morning as I’ve just finished your book “meet me in hard to love places” and it’s one of the books I’ve recommended to more people to read than I can remember. (I cried just hearing the title, one of the most amazing book titles I’ve seen!)
I’m stunned by the eloquent and compassionate synthesis of IPNB, NVC and attachment theory and other trauma work. When I was reading it, I felt that there wasn’t a single filler sentence and every single sentence you wrote was important to you and therefore it felt important to me, it’s probably my most highlighted book of all time, with nearly the whole book being highlighted on my Kindle!
Another thing that blew me away was your interspersing of poems and songs, it really really lightened up the experience for me and brought my right brain hemisphere right into the reading experience and I think it allowed me for a much deeper intake of your wisdom. I cried many times from reading your poems! I wish more books would combine poetry with their non-fiction content like this more!
Another thing I loved was whenever I was close to finishing a chapter, I got all excited and amped up to go for it and do it 100% and you’d so gently remind me that all of this takes time and patience and won’t happen overnight and the perfectionist part that now wanted to “Get everything right” was so relieved that that isn’t what I needed to do and instead I can simply, gently move towards these things that resonate so deeply with me.
And finally, oh man, your 8th chapter with all the actual practices and outlines has been so helpful, I started an empathy buddy group already and had so many successful calls so far, it’s been so healing and friends of mine started empathy buddy groups too.
With Gratitude,
Leo Widrich