Creating fulfilling relationships


From Conflict to Connection – Permaculture & Deep Adaptation Weekend

July 20 – 21, 2019.
Kakwa Ecovillage

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From the Vernon Morning Star.  By Susan Fenner

Men and women are playing a “get-to-know you” game amidst shrieks of laughter —this is a participation workshop in communication and relationship skills conducted by Vancouver-based Certified Nonviolent Communication Trainer Eric Bowers.

Eric also has extensive training in Attachment Theory and Interpersonal Neurobiology, all of which are blended into this captivating workshop.

The workshop promises calming tools that will help participants have less conflict and fighting and more connection and fun, all of which leads to love that deepens instead of disintegrates.

Bowers will explain how the emotional and relationship brain works and, through interactive exercises, games, stories and original songs, he teaches participants how to strengthen their autonomy and deepen intimacy. Participation in any part of the workshop is completely voluntary.

“He had all sorts of fun games that got us up and moving while also learning particular skills around empathy and compassion,” a previous participant enthused. “He was really patient with our questions and was wonderful at taking his time to ensure we all understood a particular concept.”

Through experiential learning and lots of practice, the workshop attendees will discover communication that resolves conflict effectively, strengthens bonds, and builds healthy emotional brains. Furthermore, Bowers highlights the reasons why relationships get into trouble and what to do about it. For some, this will mean focusing on how to integrate unresolved pain and trauma that keep you from having the relationships you want.

Prior to his work in communication and counseling, Bowers was a wilderness guide and musician, and he carries his love of music into his workshops.