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My Newsletter and Patreon Page

After nearly ten years with Mailchimp, I’m shifting this newsletter over to my Patreon page. My work as a counselor/healer and as an artist are blending more and more, so I’m bringing them together on my Patreon page. I will publish 1 more newsletter here before making the change so that as many of you as possible are aware of the change. To get a sense of my Patreon page, go to

If you want to continue receiving my newsletters, you need to join my Patreon page. It will cost you one US dollar per month, but you will get more value. You’ll be able to ask questions about the articles and videos I post there, request articles or videos about specific topics, and share your thoughts and ideas. I will continue to write about relationships and healing, with practical tips and tools for building successful relationships. Some of the topics of my upcoming articles and videos include

  • Increasing your capacity for love
  • Why self-responsibility is so important and so difficult
  • Increasing your capacity for aloneness (and why that’s important for relationships)
  • The stages of a healing journey
  • My personal journey of healing my broken heart
  • The links between physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing
  • My recipe for healthy-ish and delicious chocolate, cardamon mousse        (why not?)

I will continue recommending talks and articles about relationships and healing, but I will also share art that is related to healing and healing that is related to art. Further, I will share my poems and songs that are inspired by the healing work I do for myself and with others and by the experiences I’ve had on the trail of love.

The beauty of Patreon is that you can leave whenever you want, which means that for $1 US you can try out my Patreon page for a month and then leave or continue for another month, and so on. There are a few simple steps to signing up, but there will be NO attempt to sell you something more once you’re there. There are higher tiers of support with extra benefits that you can choose, but there will be no attempts to sell you on those tiers. I don’t believe in pressuring people to make choices. I believe in expressing my needs, giving all the necessary information, and then inviting people to make the choice that feels right for them.

I would be thrilled to have you join me on my Patreon page as I love sharing my art and the various things that I believe make a meaningful difference for people. Also, the financial support will allow me to create more art and volunteer more of my time here at the community farm where I live. Please let me know you have any questions.

Though I have written articles about healing and relationships and shared art related to healing on my Patreon page, I have thus far focussed more on my art. With this change, the focus will be more about healing and art related to healing. I hope you will join me for this next phase of my Patreon page and help me build an online community around healing and art.