Creating fulfilling relationships

Personal Sessions

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In my personal sessions I gently support you with depth-empathy processes that transform painful events, memories, and relationship dynamics so you can find inner freedom and trust with yourself, with others, and with your life.

“I was so resourced the day after my session with you that in my discussions with my ex about how to move forward with the sale of our house, I was both authentically able to empathize with his frustration and hold my ground, my boundaries of what I was able to do and where I had to draw the line.  I felt so solid after that.  I am feeling more resourced to concentrate on my health and my priorities in a way I have never been able to do before.  I am grateful for your huge help with this.”

Working through difficult relationship dynamics often takes us to the edge of our capacity to feel. What I’ve found in helping people feel difficult things is that autonomy is crucial to the healing process. When someone is supported to be in full choice about what’s happening, they are more willing to explore their edges because they know they are in charge of their process. When I help clients through difficult issues, I don’t pressure them to do anything that doesn’t feel right for them. Instead, I offer a possibility and ask if it feels right, or I ask how it feels just to consider the possibility.

One of my main goals with my sessions is to help clients become more attuned to their bodies and stay present with their emotions, to feel their emotions without being overwhelmed by them. We simply cannot have successful relationships – relationships that deepen into greater intimacy and freedom – without improving our capacity to attune to our bodies and feel our emotions. I’m not referring only to emotions such as anger, grief, and fear; I’m also referring to emotions such as joy, excitement, and gratitude. We have a limit for feeling ‘positive’ emotions just like we do for ‘negative’ emotions (I use quotes because, if we are able to follow our emotions to our needs, they’re all helpful). The field of Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB) has shown us that our current capacity to feel any emotion is a directly related to our primary caregivers’ ability to help us feel our emotions during childhood. IPNB also shows us that, with mindfulness, practice and support, we can improve our capacity to feel all our emotions.

I help clients explore their edges and improve their capacity to feel through different inner processes: Empathy for Inner Parts That are Afraid to Grow, Trust, Love, or Shine; Rescuing Inner Parts Left Behind Due to Trauma; Core Belief and Sacred Vow Transformation; Constellations; and Shadow Work.

I help clients in several other ways as well: Improving Communication Skills; Learning Structures for Working Through Conflict; Understanding Relationship Challenges through the Lenses of Attachment Theory, IPNB, and Nonviolent Communication; Implementing Practices and Strategies for Improving Relationships, and more. However, the effectiveness of these services is generally limited by a client’s capacity to feel. These services make a difference without improving emotional capacity, but all of them are much more effective when underpinned by an increasing capacity to feel and attune to the body.

If you have questions about my private sessions, I offer a complimentary 15-minute call.