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Counseling Sessions

“Eric came into my life at a time when I was really ready to heal my trauma. I came to him having the sense that I really needed a strong and compassionate man to support the next phase of my healing journey and Eric is exactly that. The depths of healing I’ve been experiencing in our work together is at a whole new level (and I’ve been deep into my path to wholeness for many years). I saw immediate results and changes in my romantic relationship, as well as my relationship to myself and life at large. And the deeper we go, the more in awe I am of this work and the healing that is available to me (and all of us). I feel so relieved to know that I have this kind of support now – it gives me the confidence to pursue the relationships and career goals that light me up because I know if things get tough, I’ll have the support I require to move through it. Eric holds an incredibly safe, sacred space. I hardly feel my words are sufficient enough to express the depths of my gratitude. Thank you, Eric.” ~ Katelyn

Plant Medicine Sessions

“100% beyond my expectations. Ceremony with Eric has been one of the most educational and intimate experiences of my life. He carefully and skillfully walked with me to my edge and just beyond so I could grow in a way I had always imagined that I could. Eric engenders a kind of trust that is rare. A trust that is required for me to go to the places inside that I have avoided.
Something permanent has changed in my body and brain. I feel more integrated, focus, balanced and whole. My energy and attitude are elevated, even on the tough days. There is more of me to live my life with.  I fully recommend working with Eric and I will definitely go back again.” ~ Rob

“Eric brings a lot to his work as a psychedelic guide. Firstly, he is a skilled counselor, and he conducts both his journey’s and pre-trip sessions with empathy, compassion, and attention to consent, which allowed me to feel really safe with him. Secondly, he is a talented musician and my journey wouldn’t have been the same without the live soundtrack he provided. It was an amazing experience to have the healing of the plant medicine combined with the sound-healing of the didgeridoo.” ~ Sarah

Plant Medicine Preparation and Integration Sessions

“Eric brings a rare and valuable depth of knowledge in Attachment Theory, Nonviolent Communication, Somatic Work, and plant medicines. He offered me profound guidance, held space and shared golden insights both before and after my journeys with Mother Ayahuasca.
My work with Eric allowed me to discover ease, love, and deeper trust when working with challenging and painful parts during my medicine work. He played a vital role in helping me integrate the vast and intense experience of the medicine so I could weave the gifts and wisdom into my daily life.
The integration and returning to daily life is where the beautiful and challenging work is. Eric is a brilliant guide along the medicine way, both before and after. I’m so grateful for my time working with him.” ~ Tressa

Professional Training

“Eric worked with our staff in an intelligent, compassionate, and fun way.  Every staff member was engaged and took something away to improve their lives and their work with our students and clients.  It was a day of professional development that challenged and grew our abilities with difficult situations and relationships as well as grew our ability to have more joy in our work and lives. The workshop was very connecting for our staff, with plenty of appreciation for how Eric kept us moving and laughing with games and activities. It was outstanding! We hope to work with Eric again soon.” ~ Sarah Cohen, Director of Human Resources, Eaton Educational Group

Public Workshop Testimonials

“I have been celebrating all that each of us gained from the weekend we shared with you. My life is enriched because of the ways the workshop helped me deepen my connection with myself. Wow!  I’m celebrating all the ways that you offer support, learning and fun. When there’s fun I learn so much more than when there’s not, and I learned a great deal this weekend.” ~ Lillie Lentz, Victoria, BC

“Eric’s workshop was a unique blend of deep personal work and creative fun. I especially appreciated his warm, compassionate facilitation style, as well as his ability to apply his extensive knowledge of how the brain works to how we respond to interpersonal conflicts. I have taken many Nonviolent Communication workshops over the years, but Eric’s course gave me insight into why sometimes it seems like my brain can’t access the NVC skills that I have, and what to do when that happens.” ~ Laurel Collins, Victoria, BC

Professional Development Workshop/Training Testimonials

“After organizing Eric’s workshop for our school on another school’s recommendation, I was so pleased that he delivered more than I expected.  He walks his talk, was flexible, able to read his audience and was highly skilled in engaging them in reflection and honest conversation with each other about how we want to be as a school.  Many staff have come to me since stating they wished we had more time and hope to have him back.” ~ Sue Lamb, Community School Coordinator, Chatelech Secondary

“Eric is very open, kind, and relatable. He shares his own experiences which I really appreciated and related to. To start off, he broke down the brain anatomy in terms that we could all understand, explaining the different functions of the various parts. He then related that to our behaviour and how we could use this knowledge to our advantage.” ~  Jackie Dowling.  Business Education and Planning 10 Teacher, Sir Charles Tupper Secondary

Prepare for Love – Weekend Workshop Testimonials

“Dear Eric, Your week-end workshop leaves me with a fullness and joy a month later.  What I learned in those two and a half days, with all of us so gently tended  by you and your co-facilitators, is that I can  transform my unhelpful, painful life patterns, not only with serious deep work, but also through fun and laughter. So much fun!!!

I have deep appreciation for how you model being an authentic human being, and how your workshop re-awakened in me the sheer  joy of being all of “me “. Many  of the shields fell from my eyes ( my implicit memories ) and I now  savour such lovely moments  where I am making fresh memories that are truly mine.  It was a liberating experience for sure.

I have a lasting ,rich “felt “memory of the  moments of raw “humanbeingness ” that I experienced and witnessed, held carefully by the high level of integrity and skill of yourself  and your co-facilitators. I learnt to trust again, and  that in doing so (without throwing discernment “under the bus”) I can reclaim  my innocence and celebrate my wisdom at the same time.” ~ Karin Kilpatrick M.D, Osoyoos, BC.

Restoring the Heart 5-Day Residential Retreat Testimonials

– “After attending the 5 day Restoring Your Soul retreat on Bowen Island, I feel that I did connect with my soul in a deeper way than ever before. The depth for me was truly feeling into the places where I can be compassionate with myself.  Being held in empathy for 5 days has inspired me to begin to hold more of my feelings (especially the ones that hurt) with tenderness and care.  It was such a powerful experience for me to discover that by staying close to my feelings and needs I was able to be more intimate with everyone in the group.” ~Gail Leslie, Vancouver, BC.

Prepare for Love 12-Week Telecourse Testimonials

– “Eric, Tonight was amazing for me. I have been so busy honestly if I hadn’t committed I would not have tuned in … but I am profoundly glad I did. I have had more sweetly intensely healing moments with these skills than I can recall with anything else. I want to really learn this. Thank you for offering this.” Steve. WA, USA
Expanding Windows – Yearlong Program

From the Yearlong Expanding Windows Program:

“I’m really celebrating that in being in our Expanding-Windows community where there is a continuation of the deepening of the foundation of the basics of NVC, AT, IPNB and deep empathy processes, that there is now solid evidence of the growing secure attachment within myself. The relevance and the comfort and ease in being in the dance even in the midst of the more challenging experiences with this is really evident to me. I feel the solidity within me even in the grit of it all.” ~ Clemie Hoshino

From the Love That Lasts – Evening Presentation:

“This presentation was a life-changing experience.  I loved it and you gave us a lot of information that wouldn’t have crossed my mind earlier, like the way we think in the deep structures of the brain! A totally different approach. Thank you for giving us so much positive insight!” ~ Dora, Vancouver, BC

More Professional Development Workshops/Training Testimonials:

– “Eric has a wonderful way of putting everyone at ease throughout his workshops. At the start of the workshop, we played this “getting to know you” game that had everyone in hysterics and broke the ice beautifully. As a teacher I definitely plan to use this game with my new classes. He had all sorts of fun games that got us up and moving while also learning a particular skill around empathy and compassion. He was really patient with our questions and was wonderful at taking his time to ensure we all understood a particular concept.
My favourite part of the workshop was when he discussed the difference between empathic responses versus non-empathic responses. Wow, what a life changer! I realized that I had been giving a lot of non-empathic responses over the course of my life, when I thought I was listening attentively.” ~ Jackie Dowling, Business Education and Planning 10 Teacher, Sir Charles Tupper Secondary

– “Eric provided day-long Professional Development for secondary teachers at our school. His interactive and engaging strategies impressed veteran and new teachers. His fusion of the theories of Non-violent Communication, Attachment Theory, and Inter-personal Neurobiology resonated with all participants. Attendees learned tools that they could apply to their work and personal lives and reported an increased appreciation for colleagues. Many participants found the activities to be transformational. As Pro-D Chair this session met my needs for community and discovery.” ~ Sally Ringdahl, ProD Chair at Tupper Secondary School in Vancouver, BC

– “The group feels more connected, vibrant and curious about one another.  They have used the skills in NVC with students and with each other and for the most part with excellent results, or at the least, recognition of how they could have done something better in the discussion.  The whole team seems to have let go of past resentments and are working actively towards open and engaging communication.  Thanks again Eric.” ~ Rhonda Schmitz  MA CYC, Chair Health and Human Services, Selkirk College

– “Hi Eric, I participated in the workshop you facilitated today at NVIT for the BSW program. I Just wanted to extend a thank you for coming into our class and sharing non-violent communication. I loved the presentation, and feel really connected to the essence of what we were talking about today. Was a great reminder of why I am in the field of working with people, and more specifically in the context of healing. It also was very grounding and again a reminder of the philosophies I have surrounding how to be in the world. Thank you so much, and I look forward to future training in NVC. Warmly, Amanda Carachelo”

More Your Guide To Great Relationships Testimonials

– “Thank you so much for leading such an inspiring workshop over this last weekend. I really enjoyed it!  I also appreciated your use of different activities and music throughout, as I found it kept me engaged.  This work is so powerful and I really wish that everyone could learn how to communicate in a healthier way! Keep spreading the good word!” ~ Sairaa Astaria, Victoria, BC
– “I just wanted to say Thank You for a Great Workshop, Beautiful Spirit and work well done.  It was far more than I expected.  I heard nothing but positive feedback as people expressed their feelings to me. I have no doubt you’re helping the world create a new paradigm.” ~ Ron Malec, Vernon, BC

More Prepare For Love – Weekend Workshop Testimonials

– “Good morning Eric, I feel sincerely appreciative of the warm, caring facilitation I received this past weekend.    I recognize how deeply I allowed myself to explore and would like to reassure yourself and your assistants that I am providing myself with self-care and making priority time for integration.   I feel a profound reverence for the sacredness of this self-journey and am anticipating a new aliveness as I fall more deeply in love with my inner self…. as I typed those words I noticed my little girl covering her mouth and giggling to herself, bubbling over with anticipation, merriment and mischievousness!   Thank you for making possible the opportunity for me to attend the workshop to receive the support to face my past and come more alive in my present.   Warm regards, Pat”

– “I am so grateful to have participated in Eric’s workshop! You can see how he has woven all the gifts of his life – his passion, his wisdom, his talent, his experience and his wonderfully loving community – together to create a transformative, healing and inspiring place for all of us. I felt deeply welcomed from the start, and continued to thrive off the intimate and supportive environment he created. I came away feeling enlivened by the renewed sense of connection to myself, my close relationships, my sense of community, and my life’s purpose. I am also thankful for the lovely people I met at the workshop, many of whom I will be connecting with again to continue our work of healing, empathy and growth beyond the workshop. Infinite, heartfelt words of thanks to Eric for this opportunity to come alive!” ~ Angela Willock

– “I just wanted to share my continued sense of deep gratitude and celebration for being a part of such an incredible weekend!! To Eric for his leadership, inspiration and vision and for modeling the brilliant connection that can come from offering all that you are.    To Wendy and Jim for your warm kinship, open hearted support and the shared experience of stepping into vulnerability with grace.  So with a re-awakened sense of play! and joy! thank you all from the deepest, gooiest cockles of my heart!” ~ Jen Card

– “Eric, I feel delighted and amazed because my need to just dive in and swim with the river with support and safety and structure and magic was met. I enjoyed the experience of contributing and connecting on many levels — with myself, with the participants, and with you. I am so impressed and grateful for the richness and balance and gracefulness and depth of the work you led us through. Your blood, sweat and tears and hours of effort showed in the quality of our experience.  I got so much more than I expected from the weekend.  This was the best workshop I’ve ever taken.” ~ Jim Thompson, M.A., Vancouver, BC.

– “I am grateful for the opportunity to do some deep personal, family and intergenerational healing work. I appreciated Eric’s compassionate, caring, humorous, encouraging, creative, authentic, open and holistic way of relating. It was an honour to witness, participate, and engage with the other workshop participants in such as powerful, satisfying and fulfilling process.
The workshop people and processes met my need for respect, support, connection, safety, laughter, choice, fun, play, trust, acceptance, nurturance, inclusivity, belonging, and community.  Overall, the workshop has been an invaluable, enriching, soulful, and transformative experience for me. This workshop has truly been an investment in myself, my marriage and all of my relationships.
I have integrated the knowledge and communication skills that I learned from the workshop in very practical ways at home and work. I plan on attending more of these workshops to continue to learn, grow, heal, and become more fully alive in myself and connected in all of my relationships. I wholeheartedly recommend this workshop!” ~ Michelle, Burnaby BC

– “1. Universally, positive. There was nothing I did not like. I felt completely comfortable and safe, emotionally and physically.
2. Aspects that I particularly liked which I feel significantly contributed to the workshop’s success:
a) Balance between tackling emotionally challenging aspects of what is most important to me AND having fun, being nurtured, feeling safe and enjoying the connection with new people.
b) Eric’s balance of being an authentic, vulnerable human being AND being an organized, expert professional in his field.
c) The workshop’s balance of challenging self-exploration AND learning in a simple practical way the valuable tool of empathy for myself and others.

I will recommend this workshop to a wide variety of people in different stages of their own evolution. I look forward to doing the workshop again.  Thank you, Eric!”  ~ Nevin Kilpatrick M.D., Vancouver, BC

– “We feel Lucky & Grateful to have taken this workshop as a new couple. The exercises & themes showed us ways to be more empathetic and be more in our personal power. We loved tuning into our own bodies and becoming more aware of our own feelings and needs and listening to how our body responds it felt wonderful  & Heart Opening.”  ~ Mike & Brigette

– “I have a success story I’d love to share as confirmation of the integration what I’ve been learning in your workshops  My condo board held a special strata meeting last night on the historically contentious issue of our rental by-law.  Knowing what triggers me, I spoke up early on and asking the group for respect and active listening in allowing one person to talk at a time.  I felt a full-on “flight” response with the pounding chest you talked about. It really did feel like my heart was going to leap out of my chest!  With that body awareness, I empathized with my need for acceptance, safety and to be heard.  I calmed and was able to support the group to hear each other and have purposeful conversation that ended up with a very positive outcome.  We collaboratively amended the by-law which was passed with confidence.  People left the meeting happy and joking with their neighbours.  I feel a deep joy and satisfaction at having contributed to the successful meeting and harmony in our little community.” ~ Jen Card

– “Hi Eric, I want to thank you for hosting a wonderful workshop on Non Violent Communication and Empathetic Listening this past weekend. It was filled with so many gifts in a safe supportive gentle and fun environment. I love how you demonstrated the NVC approach of offering without attachment to the outcome. This is a little different place for me. I see that by attending to my needs, I can give myself more self-empathy and increase my window of tolerance. Following the workshop I connected with my empathy partner and went to an empathy practice night. I then had two great conversations with members of my team. The first ended up feeling much more inspired to take on the learning of both his job and to overcome the challenges of getting his English to a professional level. The second was a person I probably would have been forced to fire. What a difference. She felt heard. I understood that her Amygdala had been activated in her previous interactions with me, and now for the first time, she was relaxed and able to communicate to me and really hear and understand my instructions.  What a wonderful gift.  Thank You Eric!”  ~ Robert

More 5-Day Residential Retreats Testimonials:

– “After attending the 5 day Restoring Your Soul retreat on Bowen Island, I feel that I did connect with my soul in a deeper way than ever before. The depth for me was truly feeling into the places where I can be compassionate with myself.  Being held in empathy for 5 days has inspired me to begin to hold more of my feelings (especially the ones that hurt) with tenderness and care.  It was such a powerful experience for me to discover that by staying close to my feelings and needs I was able to be more intimate with everyone in the group.” ~Gail Leslie, Vancouver, BC.

– “I recently attended a five day retreat on Bowen Island with Eric Bowers and Sarah Peyton.  Going into the retreat I was worried that it might be a bit too new age and boring for me, but I was wrong! I found the material presented fascinating. I learned so much about how our brains work, and how the power of empathy has a profound effect in helping us to heal and move forward in life. I felt a major shift in my whole being with in the first day or two of being there, and I feel I now know myself better and have more compassion for myself and others. I started using the tools I learned on the retreat with my 6.5 year old son when I got home with great results. Our power struggles are lessening and we are closer.” ~ Aalia Kammeron

– “The NVC Retreat on Bowen was deeply healing and enriching. When I arrived I didn’t know if I would make it to the end which transformed into not wanting it to end!” ~ Lynne Maddock, Port Coquitlam, BC.

More from Expanding Windows Yearlong Program:

– “I’m revelling in the unexpected triggers that come up and how readily available empathy is in so many forms in our environment. The opportunity for healing is so ripe in being in that triggered state with such an abundance of resourced beings present.

Gosh, I am getting the sense that in being in such a group as long term as ours, that there is hope not only for me and my closest relationships, but for humanity. I’m seeing that this is not just about me wanting to learn about NVC to heal myself and those closest to me. I can see that even within this community that so many of us are showing up differently for each other, extending ourselves to enrichen each others lives outside of the classroom and into our lives in the real world, beyond the safety of the NVC community, dipping into the lives of anyone who crosses our path…
I show up differently for whomever I meet in my daily life. I hear others in our group mentioning their dream to respond to all folks they come in contact with the intent to see them as people with souls that matter…
Do you get a sense of the value I hold in the work you teach and support?
Best care Eric, Clemie”

From More Prepare for Love 12-Week Telecourse Testimonials:

– “Dear Eric, Firstly I have so much gratitude and appreciation: I appreciate the resonance I felt from you in my session and on the group calls.  I appreciate your authenticity and effectiveness.  I appreciate coming to understand and work with these processes.  I appreciate how Resonant Somatic Empathy has expanded and enriched my empathy sessions both as a giver and a receiver. I appreciate very much your coaching when I did the Core belief process.  I appreciate that I have a recording of it and have listened to it twice ( so far :-))I have had so many needs met ….for connection, for self-understanding, for increased competence, for learning and growth, for authenticity, challenge, efficacy discovery for presence, compassion, to be seen and heard ,support, and trust.  Thank you.” ~ Tewa, Tasmania, Australia

– “I feel so much growth that has been translated in my everyday encounters with people.  I have integrated empathy so it is expressed spontaneously and appropriately at times.  And I have confidence that this will increase as I continue to study all that I have learned in this course.  I am much more conscious of the first inklings (cues) of triggered responses that I have been more successful in naming, taming and sometimes practicing self-empathy.
I have sat with my grandchildren, all of us in tears, and facilitated turns of speaking our hurts and needs.  And that has been followed by beautiful moments of co-creation, harmony and play.
I live in greater present-moment consciousness and have fewer fears and am excited about the possibilities in my future.
Thank you, Eric, for giving of yourself so generously.”~ Marianne, Okanagan, BC, Canada.

– “I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the course “Prepare for Love.” Just after a few minutes into each call I found myself relaxing, sensing that Eric held deep care for everyone. The material he shared helped my recognize many patterns that had not supported my relationships very well in the past. We were given ample opportunities to connect with other participants and do deep healing work. I have come to a place of much more clarity, acceptance, and self-connection. Do indeed feel better prepared for love and I will continue to use the provided processes in the future. Thank you so much Eric for everything you did to support us all on our journey! I hope to be able to take more classes with you!” ~ Doris Ehrler, Arizona, US.

– “Hi Eric, Thanks so much. It was a huge session. I really appreciate it!!! Am very well, thanks. Amazingly, the charge with my mother appears to be totally gone. . . I keep checking. . . but it’s not there. Pretty amazing after several decades – so thanks! That in and of itself is so much more than I thought possible. Am full of gratitude. Cannot find words to express. . . thank you!!!” ~ Lisa J., USA

– “I really value your sensitivity and how you use it to contribute to the world.  It feels like I am receiving a wonderful gift, and like I am lucky to witness it. I am connected in a way that is healing for me.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing the work that has enabled you to be this way.” ~ Sheila, California, US

Testimonials From Other Workshops

– “I was particularly moved first by your willingness to step into my request for a pausing song, and then by the music itself, which was haunting and achingly beautiful, with heart-grabbing lyrics. Your guitar playing and singing so completely filled the space of that moment for me — helping me integrate the emotional hit of witnessing the deep and raw emotional shifts that Sarah helped enable. Without it I would not have felt at ease during the wrap-up.  Your music created a beautiful bridge from one phase to the next.” ~ Nancy, British Columbia

– “Your workshop has opened up a whole new world for me.  Immediately after the workshop I went to celebrate by the river.  There was a genuine happiness and fullness that I had not felt in some time.  The drive home had me feeling full and enriched.  Everything seemed brighter and sharper than it had just the day before.  I was so in my body and present.  I have more softness, space and compassion for myself.  Thank you for giving me a wider window through which to look into myself and others.

Your presentation style is inclusive and you embody what you teach.  You model authenticity, which invites others to feel safe to express themselves openly.  I felt safe and trusting of you and the process.” ~ Sincerely, Liliana DeNarda

– “I was so resourced the day after my session with you that in my discussions with my ex about how to move forward with the sale of our house, I was both authentically able to empathize with his frustration and hold my ground, my boundaries of what I was able to do and where I had to draw the line.  I felt so solid after that.  I am feeling more resourced to concentrate on my health and my priorities in a way I have never been able to do before.  I am grateful for your huge help with this.”

– “Your skilled, yet so very personal and vulnerable mentoring of NVC consciousness so met my need for safety, intimacy, inspiration, learning and celebration of our shared experience of being human…wonderfully,  connectedly so!  It has been a particular pleasure and privilege to have met you and gotten to know you in this way, and I look forward to all opportunities to take more of your workshops.”  – Respectfully, Karin Kilpatrick M.D, Osoyoos, BC.

– “Wow! Eric, from the bottom of my heart I appreciate receiving so many useful tools to deal with sometimes not-so-helpful human ways, my own and others.  It really meets my needs for growth, contribution and self responsibility, and allows me to laugh and to cry and to dance with life.  i am still integrating all the wonderful things I learned, experientially, at your workshop.” ~ Greylin, Kelowna, BC.

– “Eric…..Just wanted to let you know that there was so much clarity gained on Sat. Your explanations filled in many spaces regarding intention, connection and self responsibility. I Loved loved loved to hear you put the emphasis on Compassionate Connection that sets that foundation of intention in place from the beginning.  I have never taken a workshop where I walked away feeling so excited. I felt like I had a backpack of the essentials for life’s camp out. I have put the movement to good use, and yes it defused a right-brain trigger in seconds.” ~ Darilyn, North Vancouver, BC.

– “I am so very appreciative for your continued unconditional and radical acceptance of me..with all my bumps and confusions…and perceived”bad guys” as I reach toward the light.  I’m so inspired by your gentle and authentic presence in my life…thank you.  Your light-heartedness, laughter and clarity have been precious gifts as you mentored me toward preparing for my final  CNVC assessment.” ~ Marla Jardine, Victoria, BC, Canada.

– “The work on our dream was really meaningful and brought me clarity and peace.  I can’t thank you enough! but I’ll try–this was very nurturing for me and I have such growth and learning!  Thank you! ~ Marcia Christen, Bainbridge, WA, USA.

– “Eric has a unique style of educating, inspiring, and entertaining.  His facilitation skills are sensitive to the participants he has attracted into the workshop.  It was a gift to all of us with tangible take-away tools.  The value was exceptional, and I would highly recommend him to individuals as well as businesses interested in stepping up their communication approach.” ~ Jan Mills, Kelowna, BC, Canada.

– “Eric was able to skillfully bring into alignment, 30 staff’s perspectives allowing our Team to create  a unified “Shared Intention” for workplace harmony. He exemplified Compassionate Communication, and inspired principles of Sociocratic decision making that our diverse working group has agreed to take personal responsibility to implement on the job. I would recommend Eric to any Manager who wishes to unify employees under an agreed upon set of positive work environment principles.” ~ Kirkland Shave, Nelson, BC.

– “For me the progression with which you took us from moment to moment through the weekend was effective for me.  By the time we practiced the process, it was clear and has remain readily available in me to use, and I happily have.   Thank you for taking the time and energy and presence to show us where and who you were in each moment.  Your songs were part of that, and I appreciate that you took the time to share the words in print with us. I enjoyed the variety of songs, games, music, partner work, group work, movement, and information.  It was clear to me that your energy was heart energy, in person and in the letter you sent to us.” ~ Carol Lindsay , Portland, Oregon, USA.
“I just attended a weekend workshop with about 15 others. I am so grateful to have been a part of it. It met my need for community and contribution. I feel like my connection to myself and others really allows me to be more of who I am, as does expressing from a place of awareness and being honest with myself and others about my values. What a great gift. Thank you Eric!!” ~ Danielle Westlake, Kelowna, BC, Canada.

– “I have worked with Eric in a number of different situations, and he is also a very good friend of mine. I have watched a real transformation, in both his personal and professional life, unfolding through his practice of Non-Violent Communication. Having worked in the field of communication all my life, I can honestly say that Eric is one of the most gifted and dedicated trainers and teachers that I know. Several weeks ago I did an interview with him, and was quite amazed at the level of spiritual depth and insight he has brought into his work. He is not using NVC as a tool or technique, but as something that pulls him deeper and deeper into personal and collective evolution. I honour and give thanks for the courage, creativity and transparency that he brings to all of his work.” ~ Shayla Wright, Nelson, BC, Canada.

– “Thanks so much for the excellent “intro” workshop on Sunday.  I really got a lot out of it, and I came away with new hope, and with that, new energy.” ~ Deborah McDaniel, Bremerton, WA, USA.

– “Eric has a wonderful style of presenting the material.  He is very clear and stays connected to himself and to the needs of the group: a perfect demonstration of living NVC.” ~ Sue Mistretta, Silverton, BC, Canada.

– “Eric’s mediation skills were superb, he facilitated a discussion that would have been otherwise impossible.”  – Keith Berens
– “Eric’s passion really comes through when teaching Compassionate Communication.  This language is transforming my relationships with my self, others, and life.” ~ Doug Fomenko, Kelowna, BC, Canada.
– “Eric’s presentation simplified what could have remained “sounds good  in theory” approach to communication. I feel I was handed out keys to open up doors that I would have considered shut prior to this session. Overall, I found the workshop invigorating and inspiring.  Eric walks the talk and showed us how to do so and also to heighten our awareness as human beings. In gratitude, Sameen D’All.”

– “Eric has provided us with the guidance, tools, and knowledge to create an inclusive work environment that supports the individual and collective genius of all of our employees.  Together we are creating a thriving and sustainable business where human needs and financial growth are equally valued.” ~ Georgia Argyle, Nelson, BC, Canada.

– “I find Eric’s degree of support and encouragement for participants to “take care of themselves”  – for people to pay attention and attend to their physical, mental and emotional needs – so very refreshing & liberating.  I enjoy being in group space facilitated by him as he contributes so deeply to my sense of feeling safe to speak up for and attend to what is going on for me.  This I greatly appreciate.  I also appreciate his skill at being able to support not only my sense of my needs mattering but also those of the group; he’s able to assist me in navigating what might be going on for me and how to hold that, attend to that while also caring for the group and those in it.”
– “This last workshop was full of play, laughing, usable theory and grounded, deep inner work.  Eric creates safety with the group even when there are challenges present, making for great learning, playing, connecting and healing conditions.  It was a very satisfying weekend.  I will watch for his next event here.”