Creating fulfilling relationships

Vision Mission Services


A world in which everyone receives the support needed to create great relationships with themselves and others, where inner and outer conflict are embraced as opportunities to heal and grow, and each person discovers more and more of their wholeness and love to share.


To help people come alive and be more in love with self, others and life.

  • To increase compassion, interdependence and empowerment
  • To heal attachment wounds and transform blocks to love
  • To build needs-based community networks of empathy buddies
  • To build awareness of how our psyches, brains and nervous systems are affected by relationships
  • To make social change and life more fun, playful and creative


  • Personal Depth-Empathy and Coaching Sessions
  • Public workshops, Retreats and Long-
    Term Programs
  • Professional Development Workshops and Training for Non-Profit Organizations, Businesses and Corporations
  • Teleseminars and Telecourses
  • Keynotes and Public Presentations
  • Connection Cabarets